One of the first questions that I ask all of my new customers is simply: Have you ever had the car detailed before? That simple question tells me almost everything I need to know about the job that I am getting into. I have found that more often than not, customers have unrealistic expectations, so I see managing expectations as my main job in detailing cars! As a rule, most people do not understand the nature of the beast, and we often grossly over simplify detailing. For example, a car that has not been cleaned in 7 years with dirt that has been allowed to sit, will not be restored to 100% perfection no matter how long a detailer spends on it. Stains that are allowed to sit for years, may not come out completely! I know it sounds like I am stating the obvious, but you would be surprised how many discussions just like this I have had to have with my customers. Now, all that to say: Maintenance is better than the cure, in other words, periodically cleaning your car will vastly improve the results you will get when an experienced detailer like myself comes in to do the job. With that being said, the opposite is also true, failing to keep up with your car will bring it to something I call "the point of no return," meaning I can improve it, and probably dramatically improve it, but it will not be 100%. Eventually things must be replaced if perfection is what you are looking for. One of my goals with this page is to educate you about some specific detailing areas that I have found most car owners do not understand, and in doing that... managing expectations! 



Some of my clients are what I call "maintenance clients." In other words, I detail their cars either one time a month or even more often. Though I understand that not everyone can afford this kind of service, I do suggest it to anyone that can. It will so improve the look, value, and life of your car it would be ridiculous not to. As an added note, my clients who are "maintenance details" as a rule do not pay the listed price on my website, because it requires less work, time, product, etc... I charge them a specified lower price.