After 7 years of being involved in the auto detailing industry, I have found that there are 2 main things that seem to reoccur in almost every customer I've ever talked to: 1. They have spent a large amount of money to get their car detailed expecting it to look great, and 2. They are extremely disappointed and frustrated with the results. Well keep reading so that you can stop wasting your money! The car detailing industry, by nature, is full of misrepresentations, inflated language, and confusion, all at the cost of the customers wallet. Detailers use language that the average car owner does not understand like "conditioning," "compounding," "sealant," and much, much more in order to make an appearance. They want you to believe that they are doing more to your car than they actually are. You cannot make informed decisions on things you don't understand. In the detailing industry there are endless products, tools, techniques, and opinions that will drive you crazy if you do not know what you're doing. The industry's goal is to get you to buy as many of their products as possible through labeling, false advertising, etc... and I have found that most of the time, they yield disappointing results. Product companies and detailers alike, at large, seem to be working at the customers expense rather than FOR THEM. My goal in every interaction I have with my customers is to create a win-win situation where the customer gets exactly what they want, and I can make a living delivering superior results in mobile auto detailing. I want to speak as directly as I possibly can, at the risk of over-communicating, in order to over-deliver at every level.