Golf Cart Detailing



Never Thought About Detailing Your Golf Cart?

Many people look at me funny when I say that I also detail golf carts, and though it may seem a bit different, there actually is a large market for golf cart detailing. Many people who live in golf cart friendly neighborhoods are looking for a way to get there golf cart cleaned up without doing it themself, and if that is you, then you are in the right place! Golf carts are just like any other vehicle, over time they collect dirt, grease, and grime, and if you want to extend the life span of that kind of investment, then getting it detailed is extremely important! 

What Does a Golf Cart Detail Include?

Detailing a golf cart is normally not something that takes very much time or energy, as they are not something that collect a ton of dirt, or even something that is driven all that often, so for that reason, golf cart detailing is pretty simple. A full detail is going to include:

  • Full wash of exterior/interior surfaces
  • Roof degreasing & washing
  • Leather seat cleaning/protectant application
  • Full cleaning of steering wheel, cup holders, pedals, etc...
  • Tire/Wheel Cleaning & Shine
  • Exterior wax application


"Under The Hood Detailing?"

As a rule, I do not detail the engine/battery compartment of the golf carts I detail. For the most part, this is simply for safety and liability reasons. Golf Cart electrical and engine components are not the same as a standard car, and for that reason, I see it better to leave that area to the professionals who specialize in that area. Many golf carts are electric, and cannot be exposed to water (in the engine area), so in my opinion, it is wiser to simply stay away from that area all together, for everyone's sake. 


For the most part, golf cart detail pricing is going to remain very uniform across the board, however there are golf carts that do not match the average golf cart description and build, so there will some variance in pricing with certain situations.

Full Golf Cart Detail (Regular Size): $50