What makes trailer detailing different? 

Trailer Detailing is a very different animal from the standard mobile car detailing service. As a rule, trailers collect much more dirt, grease, and grime, and that grime is much harder to deal with on trailers than it is on cars. At the same time, trailer detailing can be a bit simpler because there is much less "detailing" required. What I mean by that is simply this, a car is a much more intricate, and complicated subject to work on when it comes to cleaning because of all the different surfaces, materials, cracks, and crevices, whereas a trailer tends to be much more uniform in not only appearance, but also is material, color, etc... and in that way, it requires much less strategy and thinking in order to get the job done. That being said, detailing a trailer is a very time consuming task mostly because the dirt that collects on trailer cannot simply be washed off like it can on a car, it must be heavily degreased, then washed, then waxed, and not to mention, that includes the roof. It is not only a time consuming task, but it is also a very labor intensive task, if it is going to be done correctly. In order to further help you make a decision regarding whether or not you should detail your trailer, check out the list below of some common problem areas of trailer detailing.


Common Problem Areas In Trailer Detailing

  • Dirt that has been left to sit for a long period of time: As a rule, most people do not detail their trailers on a regular basis, and this is understandable, however when that dirt collects, and is left to sit, it becomes more and more difficult to remove, and sometimes becomes impossible to remove completely without damaging something. It is important to keep this in mind when setting expectations for the end result of your trailer. 

  • Clear Coat/Paint Peeling: Because trailers are normally looked at as very durable, and strong pieces of equipment, most people do not tend to keep them in a garage, or even covered at all. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, it must be understood that just like the UV rays from the sun are harmful to your skin, they will also harm your trailers skin. Just like the protective layer of clear coat that exists on car paint, trailers have a protective layer that is very similar, and when left to sit in the sun, being exposed to the elements, that protective layer, and the paint will degrade over time and being to peel and flake off. This is a repair issue, and not a detailing issue. It cannot be cleaned away, and should not be expected to look any differently after it has been detailed. It simply must be repainted. 

  • Metal Corrosion/Oxidation: Many Trailers are lined with metal, whether it be around the frame of the entire trailer, or only over the wheels, and wheel wells, this metal, when it is not properly maintained, will oxidize, corrode, and even rust at times. In certain cases, some metal polish, and other techniques can improve and fix this, however like most things in life, not all metals are created equal, and some cannot be fixed quite that easily. In my opinion, it does not make much sense to invest money into polishing the trailer metal if you cannot, or will not maintain it moving forward, because if it is not maintained, it will simply revert back to its previous degraded condition.

  • Trailer Roofs: The roof of the trailer is without a doubt the most difficult, and time consuming area to detail for obvious reasons. Much like the front end of a car, it takes all of the hit, bird droppings, tree sap, massive build up of dirt and grime, etc... It is also a job that requires a lot of energy, and some skill in that, there is an obvious danger in being on the roof of a tall trailer, and it is for all of these reasons that detailing the roof of the trailer is a separate job, and therefore, separate payment. Check out this pricing list below to see more specifics:



  • Degrease/Full Wash - $6 per foot 
  • Degrease/Full Wash + Roof - $8 per foot
  • Degrease/Full Wash+Roof/Wax - $9 per foot
  • Degrease/Full Wash+Roof/Wax + Wheels/Wheel Wells/Tires - $9 per foot + $25

These prices are a general estimation and are subject to vary depending upon the condition of the trailer, and customer specifications.