What is maintenance detailing?

Maintenance detailing is simply a scheduled, regular car detailing that happens on a consistent basis. How consistent that scheduled detailing is will vary customer to customer, however in order for it to be considered a maintenance detail, it must take place within a maximum time of two months or eight weeks. A maintenance detail is naturally cheaper then a regular full detail because it happens on a consistent basis, and the car does not have enough time to get dirty enough to charge the regular full price. Because of this a maintenance detail does not include the full extent of services that a full detail includes, simply because all services are not necessary for a maintenance detail. In other words, one specific service that is left out of a maintenance detail is carpet shampoo. This may be obvious, but carpets do not need to be shampooed on such a regular basis because they are not left to get dirty enough to need that service. It is for reasons like these that many of my clients are on a maintenance detail plan, because not only do you get your car detailed/cleaned on a regular basis, but it is also much cheaper than a regular detail.